Desire + Capital

Visual identy and poster series for Desire + Capital, a research and working group set up by Ryan Kopaitich at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam. Visit their website for more information about their events and podcasts.


Short Pieces That Move!

SPTM is a Rotterdam-based publishing initiative founded by Kate Briggs, Annabelle Binnerts, Ash Kilmartin and Linus Bonduelle. The collective pairs up new writers with authors whose work has been published already. SPTM aims to learn from its network while proving that editing and publishing is possible for anyone.

All editions of 400


Eathouse is an artist cooking collective set up in 2020 by Ulufer Çelik, Merve Kılıçer, Vlada Predelina, and Jake Caleb. In their practice they explore the potential of food as an artistic method. They do this to instigate dialogue on ways that the culinary informs the social. This poster is the first in a series of Tongue Twisting Dinners, inviting other artists engaging with food to share their research with a wider audience. The events are hosted at an other world, a project space in Rotterdam, NL.


Lip Service

Lip Service is a Belgian band making wacky, energetic pop. These posters announced upcoming release shows, finding the right look to their playful sound.


Het Moordenaartje

Het Moordenaartje is a local A2-sized newspaper published by Rib an art space in Charlois, South-Rotterdam.

Charlois is known for its gentrification and is composed of heterogenous communities: young international artists, a Polish community of migrant workers, locals that have lived here for generations.

Taking its name — the Little Killer — from a steam tram that once made the area unsafe, the newspaper aims to collect this diversity of voices, not unifying them but returning them to the neighbours via the mouthpiece of Rib itself as ‘your local art space’.